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PYD presentation

Positive Youth Development, or PYD, is a framework that engages and promotes youth engagement within their communities, schools, places of work, etc. PYD promotes self-sufficiency, confidence, empathy, and emotional engagement/identification. The YLA and MCY implemented PYD to encourage the voices of youth not only within the organization but with hopes of spreading that ideology to other organizations, businesses, schools, etc. Additionally, it allows for youth to work with adults in a shared collaborative manner that allows for youth to have equal power in groups and discussions. In the coming months, the YLA is planning to put on PYD presentations for community members and school staff members in order to inform and encourage implementation of PYD into the daily practices of youth-employing companies and youth-serving organizations. For more information on PYD please look at our resources page, or sign up to receive our next newsletter so you can be the first to know when more information on the presentation is available. 

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