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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

     The Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is a group of Nederland teenagers dedicated to addressing issues facing the youth of the community. Through initiatives within the group, communication with peers, and collaboration with the greater community and partners such as TEENS, Inc. and Nederland CTCC, the YLA is able to identify and work on the issues that teens themselves notice most. The goal of this group is to use this work to create local opportunities, educate others, and provide support to the area’s youth in order to prevent isolation, substance abuse, academic struggles, and instability.  

     Members of the YLA learn to utilize skills such as mobilization, group management, public speaking, and communication to achieve their goals. By working in an environment that gives youth equal footing as adults, the members of YLA are able to take initiative and work towards solutions that they are passionate about. Not only do they have the chance to change their community, but the skills they learn along the way empower them to succeed later in life.

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